Think tank - an interview

In September 2019 our founder and CEO Andreas Struppler was asked about the founding idea and history of roomours by Stylepark. 

You can read the whole interview here.

Andreas Struppler will mit den Produkten seines Labels roomours andere beim kreativen Arbeiten unterstützen. Wie ist er eigentlich auf die Idee gekommen? Wir haben ihn gefragt.

Stylepark: With Struppler Industrial Design you have been a successful designer and developer for various clients for over 25 years. Why did you start your own label with roomours some time ago?

Andreas Struppler: We have always supported projects for our customers up to series production readiness. We simply felt like taking the road a little further. Our plan was to develop a small collection and distribute it ourselves through new sales channels. Thematically, it should correlate with our competencies and not extend into our core business, the development of chair and table systems for the major manufacturers. So it was obvious to design complementary products which are not or only marginally considered by the large manufacturers.

So you chose tools for Design Thinking processes?

Andreas Struppler: Exactly, this is where the working process has changed a lot in the last few years, innovative tools for design thinking processes, for collaboration or working in coworking space are in great demand for certain scenarios. Therefore, it was obvious to bring new solutions to this area and offer concepts that are easy to understand and use. They should also work well as a supplement to high-quality products from other manufacturers.

To achieve this, you consciously rely on a reduced formal language?

Andreas Struppler: Yes, our products are intentionally based on the typologies we know from analogue times: easel, chalkboard, pinboard. These products work best in a familiar design with wood and natural materials. Especially because the manual process, the handwriting and the work with tactile materials are especially in focus in the development processes.

Where do the ideas for new products come from?

Andreas Struppler: Of course we are in constant exchange with our customers, architects and planners. Therefore, we often learn directly which solutions are needed. This is how, for example, our Post and Pin was created: A befriended agency was looking for a board that would be suitable for post-its and pin needles. The agency also wanted the board to be suitable for use in the room as well as on the wall. We then developed a rollable base into which boards made of polyester fleece or Gatorfoam could be inserted. In the room you can work on the "post and pin" from both sides. The "filled" boards can then be presented on our wall shelf, for example.

How do the production processes at roomours work?

Andreas Struppler: Our products are almost exclusively manufactured in Southern Germany. This enables us to initiate development processes with our suppliers quickly and easily, we have short distances and a quick decision-making process. In addition, customer requests can be realized easily. We often use special woods and produce surfaces which we define in advance with our customers. Or we have individual dimensions produced for our customers. The area of special production has increased considerably in recent years. This is where we can act quickly and to the advantage of our customers with our network of well-established suppliers.

How do you distribute roomours products?

Andreas Struppler: We have chosen to use an online shop for distribution, as it is difficult for a new label to be presented straight away via the classic retail trade and it was our aim to be able to provide our customers with products quickly and directly. Hence the idea of starting with a manageable portfolio and then gradually expanding it. In 2018 we participated in Orgatec for the first time with our own stand and received very good feedback from architects and planners. This has encouraged us to take part in Orgatec again in the future with an extended collection and a larger stand.