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How to set up rooms for creative processes correctly

From a small huddle room to a seminar room with virtual meetings, the requirements of each company and the persons involved in the process are very different. In the following we would like to show you some examples that can serve as a basis for further coordination. Vertical surfaces for pinning, writing or attaching information are necessary in most cases, but often the exchange of information with colleagues about VC`s is essential in order to achieve results quickly. We would be happy to help you with the set-up of your rooms and suggest solutions that correspond to your workflows and ensure the integration of the latest technologies.
Huddle room & Write It on Tour
Spontaneous meetings - quick decisions
Our whiteboards "Write It on Tour" and the small flexible table „By your Side" are ideal for furnishing small huddle rooms - this way zones can be quickly defined and delimited in which 2 to 6 people can work together spontaneously and undisturbed and make decisions quickly. With our Front Row on Tour, the setting can be expanded to include a video conferencing solution if additional people are to join in virtual meetings.
Write It on Tour & kleine Teams
Generating ideas in an inspiring environment, quick meetings among colleagues with the goal of sketching detailed solutions or visualizing concepts - this works best with our mobile pin- and whiteboards "Pin up on Tour". They can also be used to shield other teams, offer room for creative development on both sides and provide the ideal solution for the respective situation in different widths.
Write It on Tour, Link & Think for small groups
Workshops with small groups
When it comes to developing approaches for a wide range of topics and tasks in a half-day workshop with several small groups, the combination of Write It on Tour and Link & Think is the ideal solution. The tables and writing surfaces are mobile, Link & Think can be dismantled and stored in a space-saving manner when the workshop is over and the room is to be used for other purposes. Additional elements such as the toolbox provide pens, scissors and Post Its.
Effective control of design thinking processes
Design Thinking Rooms
To give heterogeneous teams the opportunity to develop effectively, Line Up complements our vertical surfaces and provides space for modeling materials, utensils, books, papers and everything else that may be necessary and helpful in your creative processes.
Front Row on Tour & Line Up
Agile developments in changeable spaces
Rooms where solutions are found are usually not only designed for one working method but are quickly reconfigured to meet different requirements. This includes vertical surfaces for the visualization of questions or results, the provision of storage space as well as the inclusion of virtual meetings in order to temporarily connect people for the team.
Design Thinking Möbel von roomours
Design Thinking Möbel von roomours
Huddle room
Quick decisions in pop up rooms - promote interdisciplinary exchange in your teams between in-house and remote employees as well as with external parties.
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Design Thinking Möbel von roomours
Brain Storm
The traditional tools for decision-making in your development processes - with inspiring tools for inspiring sprints.
zu Glassworks
Design Thinking Möbel von roomours
Think Design
Design Thinking, Kanban, Scrum, Brainwriting and virtual meetings - using different methods to achieve a result.
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