Virtuelle Konferenz mit roomours

Virtual meetings - but with which tools?

In recent months, the demand for solutions for online meetings has grown strongly. A lot has changed, especially on the software side, but also on the hardware side, and at the same time the acceptance of the digital possibilities has increased strongly. What was almost unthinkable in 2019 is now the virtual portal at home or in the company the standard solution. However, due to the different possibilities, the selection of the individually right solution has also become more and more difficult. Here we would like to give you a brief overview of possible solutions and show you how you can easily get to "your" system. Since requirements like to change quickly and the technical developments are advancing rapidly, a personal conversation is often essential to understand your requirements and to define the optimal solution. In the following you will find several solution proposals which work very well with our monitor stands and partly also include all technical devices.
Room in room + Front Row on Tour
Speaker`s Corner

Front Row bietet alle Funktionen für die Einrichtung von Diskussionsbereichen in ruhigeren Bürozonen und das Abhalten von Videokonferenzen und virtuellen Meetings. Front Row lässt sich leicht mit verschiedenen Zubehörelementen ergänzen und bildet eine mobile und zugleich kompakte Lösung für die schnelle Installation von Videokonferenzsystemen von Logitech, Avaya oder Eagleeye. Front Row lässt sich schnell und einfach installieren und den Anforderungen der Teilnehmer und der jeweiligen Raumsituation anpassen.

Small room + front row
Kleiner Meetingraum
Front Row on Tour provides all features for setting up small meeting rooms and holding video conferences. Front Row on Tour can easily be equipped with various accessories and provides a compact solution for installing Logitech, Avaya or Eagleeye video conferencing systems in small rooms. Front Row on Tour can be equipped quickly and easily and, thanks to its three-legged stand, can be used very well in corners to save space and elegantly in the room.
Teammeetings + Front Row X
Medium sized meeting room
Digital and analog tools are required for joint development and coordination processes - Front Row X, together with Post & Pin, Write It or Glassworks, depicts various scenarios that enable collaborative work across office boundaries and connect home workers, external parties and ground control. Front Row X can be equipped with camera systems, a small PC and additional devices such as a Barco Clickshare, thus providing the basis for the installation of professional equipment including electrification.
Meetings & Line UP
Collaborate coordination via Video Call
It is often necessary to coordinate between teams of different sizes and at different locations. Here, too, you should have the rooms easily reconfigured, ideally have the installation for the video call used in other rooms, and the connections should be easily accessible. For this purpose roomours' Line Up offers solutions that are easy to install and can be equipped with different systems.
Teams & Line Up
When it comes to the versatile use of rooms with digital and analog tools, Line Up together with Pin Up on Tour or Post & Pin provides the basis for joint exchange, developing and sharing solutions in groups. With its broad structure, Line Up also carries large monitors and elegantly integrates the complete technology of different suppliers such as Logitech, Avaya, Hudley and Eagleeye. Line Up can be equipped with inexpensive TV systems but also with professional monitors with touch functions. Camera systems and PCs can be easily connected and the electrification is not visible - but easily accessible integrated. The backside of Line Up can be used as a pinboard or organizer - tailored to the needs of the team.
Line Up & Post 'n Pin
Conference rooms
Often, permanently installed solutions are also useful when larger teams work together across multiple locations. In this case, additional cabling is often required, which should be taken into account when planning the rooms. We work together with partner companies who will carry out the complete installation of your conference room.
Virtuelle Konferenz mit roomours
Speaker`s Corner
The solution for temporary applications and spontaneous exchange in pairs or small groups.
zu Front Row
Meeting room
Front Row X and small teams in flexible arrangements and open situations in defined spaces.
zu Front Row on Tour
With its elegant structure, Front Row X offers very comfortable electrification and usage possibilities.
zu Line Up