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Video conferencing as flexible as your team

Seamlessly integrate video conferencing into existing workflows and spaces.

Platzsparend & Mobil

TV Ständer für Videokonferenzen

Our monitor stands and pin boards can be placed elegantly and space-saving even in small rooms.

Versatile use

TV Ständer für Videokonferenzen

For meetings, workshops or conferences in flexible room configurations.

Easy installation

TV StändeTV Ständer für Videokonferenzenr aus Holz von Hinten

Videokonferenzsysteme mit Kameras und Mikrofonen lassen sich einfach installieren. 

"New Work" is simply "Work" now

In hybrid models, teams work together on-site with colleagues in the home office or at other locations. Our mobile furniture allows versatile configuration for a wide range of use cases: from one-on-one to interactive workshops with numerous participants.

Surprising space solution for small areas

Meetings made easy

Schnelle Abstimmungen erleichtern das effiziente Arbeiten in Projekten. Dazu müssen die benötigten Tools einfach verfügbar sein. Neben Software wie Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Cisco WebEx etc. braucht ein Team auch die notwendige Ausstattung.

Wir ersparen Ihrem Team das lästige Warten auf einen freien Meetingraum: Unsere Monitorständer und Präsentationswände lassen sich schnell und einfach in bestehende Grundrisse integrieren und sind so jederzeit verfügbar. 

Vielfältiger Einsatz 

For team meetings, meetings, stand ups, project coordination and spontaneous video chat for 1 - 6 persons

Room miracle

For open meeting zones in open-plan offices, meeting corners or small meeting rooms. The three-legged monitor stand can be elegantly placed in corners and space-saving small rooms.


Monitor stands, pin boards and other furniture can be easily moved and stored on castors.

Easy installation

Video conferencing systems with cameras and microphones from Logitech, Hudley, Avaya or Eagleeye can be installed with a few simple steps and are always on board.

No cable tangle

Due to a power distribution integrated in the monitor stand, only one power cable needs to be connected.

All products for small spaces
Aufbau Videokonferenz in kleinem Raum

Collaboration is King

Interactive collaboration

Komplexe Themen lassen sich durch Visualisierung einfacher verstehen und strukturieren. Unsere Präsentations- und Workshop-Möbel vereinfachen die gemeinsamen Entwicklung von Produkten oder umfangreichen Prozessen.

With our mobile monitor stands, team members connected via video chat can literally be brought into the middle of the discussion.

Ready to start at any time

Bulletin boards with all materials on board and mobile video conferencing systems with monitor stands, touch screens, wireless transmission and cameras and microphones.


By combining different visualization aids, any scenarios for collaborative work can be implemented.

Connect local and remote

Engage team members even across office boundaries with a video conferencing system

Wide range of applications

For workshops, Agile product development, process optimization, brainstorming - even for large groups.

All products for collaboration

Collaboration is King

Video conference rooms

Egal ob Vorstandssitzungen, Konferenzen, Präsentationen oder größere Online-Schulungen: Für ein klassisches Konferenz-Setup kann eine feste Installation sinnvoll sein.

Cables for video and audio transmission can thus be integrated inconspicuously in the room and connected to a central control system.

Reliable and discreet

Due to the fixed installation, the systems are ready for use at any time.

Versatile use

Meetings, conferences or trainings.

Conference room equipment

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