Basis Multiboard Post and Pin

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The base of our Multiboard Post and Pin is a suitable addition if you already have boards - they are not included.

With its innovative clamp fitting, boards can be quickly exchanged, processed and replaced.
Post and Pin can also be used with other lightweight boards or boards that are not thicker than 20mm.

Technical Details

Product dimensions H x W x D  180 x 78 x 76 cm
Weight 18 kg
Packages 3

Wood: oak, oil
Metal: Sheet steel, powder coated

Assembly simple assembly with enclosed hexagon wrench - Assembly instructions
Volume shipping weight 35 kg

Shift your perspective!

With Post and Pin

Modular and flexible

Post and Pin reacts to every change. Mobile, light and flexible. One board not enough for all the ideas you have gathered? An additional second or third board creates more space. Thanks to the innovative clamp fitting of the base, the Post and Pin Boards can be quickly exchanged, processed and replaced. The Post and Pin Base can also be used with your own lightweight boards or boards with a board thickness between 10mm and 20mm. When Post and Pin is not needed, it can be used as a decorative mood board, as a temporary privacy screen or as a divider with a slight acoustic effect. All parts can be purchased separately, so Post and Pin adapts to your needs.
Dimensions and construction

Product dimensions H x W x D
180 x 150 x 57 cm

Size board H x W x D
120 x 150 x 2 cm

10 kg

Maße Post and Pin
Fast exchange
The clamping mechanism of the base makes it possible to exchange boards quickly as soon as there is no more room for new ideas.
Rigid polyester fleece
The 20mm thick fleece boards create a particularly warm and inviting appearance in combination with the wooden legs of the Post and Pin base. The pinability is particularly pleasant due to the thickness of the board.
Lightweight foam boards
Our 10mm thick lightweight foam boards are extremely resistant sandwich boards with white or black top layers made of special cellulose laminates and an insert of colour-matched polystyrene rigid foam. Puncture holes are hardly visible in both versions. In addition, the boards are ideal for mounting and laminating large-format prints.
Agile and movable
The castors of the base have a very low rolling resistance due to the soft treads made of polyurethane and can be used on carpets, parquet and stone floors without problems. For optimum stability, all castors can be fixed with a simple wheel lock. The castors run noiselessly, are abrasion-resistant and contact discolouration-free - there are no marks on the floor.
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