TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -
TV Ständer Front Row on Tour, Eiche -

TV Stand Front Row on Tour, oak

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Technical details

Dimensions H x W x D (basic variant without monitor)

142 x 96 x 82 cm
Screen weight
60 kg
Max. Screen diagonal
65 Inch
VESA 200x200: 12,5 kg
VESA over 200x200: 16,5 kg
Material Wood: oak, oiled
Mounting: powder-coated metal
VESA 200x200: 2
VESA over 200x200: 3
Volume shipping weight

26 kg

Assembly simple assembly with enclosed hexagonal wrench- Assembly instructions

Download data sheet 


Monitor not included in delivery.
Due to its height, Front Row on Tour is not suitable to use at home.

Due to size and bulkiness, we ship this product by forwarding agency. Delivery is free to the curb.
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The shipping costs result from the total volume shipping weight of the order, you will find this information in the item details.

200 x 200

The Standard version of our Front Row series is suitable for screens with a VESA size of 200x200.

over 200 x 200

Most larger devices have larger VESA dimensions. In order to remain as flexible as possible, we offer adapter plates that have various drill holes and can therefore accommodate almost all common VESA dimensions and thus devices.

How do I find out which VESA mounting I need?

If you do not know which version to choose, please refer to the data sheet of the device or to the manufacturer's page under technical data. Alternatively, look at the back of your monitor and look for the threaded holes. In most cases the stand of the device is attached to the VESA mount. Measure the horizontal and vertical distance between the screw holes (center to center).

Example: if the distance of the VESA holes is 200 millimeters in width and 200 millimeters in height, then this corresponds to a VESA dimension of 200 x 200 (VESA standard = horizontal distance in mm x vertical distance in mm).


Always in the front row

Always right at hand - Front Row on Tour, the monitor stand on castors. Front Row on Tour supports every monitor perfectly, grounding technology and digital content. With feet of oiled wood, dressed in an elegant form, it grants every monitor and conference room a special aura and definitely a place in the first row.
Dimensions and construction

Product dimensions H x W x D without screen
142 x 96 x 82 cm

VESA 200x200: 12,5 kg
VESA over 200x200: 18 kg

Rolle Flipchart CHarter on Tour
Clean mobility
Our castors have a very low rolling resistance due to the soft polyurethane treads and can be used very well on carpets, parquet and stone floors. For optimal stability, the two front castors can be fixed with a simple wheel lock. The castors run noiselessly, are abrasion-resistant and do not leave any contact marks on the floor.
Solid wood
The tripod made of solid wood impresses with its clear and at the same time stable design as well as the special processing of high-quality materials, beautifully assembled. Should our woods not fit, custom-made products are no problem and often more inexpensive than expected.