Whiteboard wird mit einem Mikorfasertuch gereinigt

How to clean your whiteboard

To make sure you can enjoy your roomours whiteboards for as long as possible, you will find some important information about whiteboard cleaning and care here.

The whiteboard only stays white when properly and regular maintained. Please take note of our care instructions.

As a general rule, the longer the ink residues can dry out, the more energy you will need to clean the whiteboard.

Daily cleaning

For quick and dry cleaning we recommend a microfibre cloth. This removes the residues of the whiteboard markers gently and without scratching, leaving no stripes or fibers on the board. Always let the ink dry and then remove it, otherwise the pencil smears.

Regular wet cleaning

We recommend cleaning the board with water or whiteboard cleaner in the evening or at least once a week, depending on how intensely you use the product. For thorough cleaning and to avoid paint deposits, use a damp microfiber cloth and clean the entire board.

Remove stains with cleaning alcohol or Oranex

To remove single stains or smudges, we recommend cleaning alcohol or, if the stains are very stubborn, Oranex cleaner. Apply some cleaning alcohol / Oranex on a cloth and slowly move it over the polluted area in a circular motion. Oranex can leave an oily film on the board, so that the dry erasability of the surface is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, it is important to clean the board thoroughly with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth after the cleaning, if necessary several times.

Pins and magnets

Only use suitable, high quality board markers, we recommend Lumocolor from Staedtler. Other water-resistant pens are not made for whiteboards and provide difficult cleaning. To avoid scratches, lift and move the magnets, do not move on the board.

Wrong detergents

Too aggressive or too much cleaning agent can damage the surface! Please do not use too rough wipes and do not exert too much pressure.

Remove permanent markers

If you've accidentally written on your board with permanent markers like Edding, we also recommend spot cleaning with undiluted Oranex . Then clean the whiteboard thoroughly with clean water and wipe it with a dry cloth. These steps may need to be repeated several times.