Present and visualize

Our flipcharts for your successful presentation

Easy to use - functional and clear in design.

A flipchart is not just functional - it is the focus of teamwork. Appreciate your creative process through clear design, high-quality materials and top craftsmanship. Naturally manufactured in Germany.
Integrated tray
Store it!
The pen tray is already integrated in all flipcharts.
Papier wird auf Whiteboard mit Magnet befestigt
Magnetic Surface
Hold it!
The magnetic material of the flipchart makes it possible to attach all kinds of materials to the work surface with magnets. This way all flipcharts can be used as moodboards at the same time. Nothing can stop your creativity!
Standardized mounting
Flip It!
Any standard flipchart pad with 50 cm hole spacing can be used on all of our flipcharts. The discreet tear-off strip made of transparent, stable polycarbonate ensures that the blocks are held securely on the flipchart, even when turning over or separating the individual sheets.
Flipchartblock auf Flipchart
Flipchartblock wird befestigt
Whiteboard wird beschrieben
Whiteboard wird gereinigt
Use it as a whiteboard
Wipe it!
Sometimes there is not enough space for a large whiteboard. All white flipcharts can be used just like a whiteboard. Whiteboard markers are required for this. The dried paint can be wiped off dry and residue-free, so that the board can be rewritten.
Flipcharts made of wood - natural and sustainable

Für unsere Möbel verwenden wir FSC zertifiziertes Eschen- und Eichenmassivholz. Die hohe Festigkeit und Stabilität dieser Hölzer erhöht die Belastbarkeit und verringert somit die Anfälligkeit für Oberflächenschäden. Das fördert die Langlebigkeit der Flipcharts.

Die dezente Farbgebung und gleichmäßige Maserung integriert sich dabei in jeden Raum, egal ob modern oder rustikal.