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Shelf Line Up

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The Line Up shelf is the perfect addition to the Line Up series.

Technical Details

Dimensions H x W x D 4 x 150 x 15 cm
Item Weight
3 kg
Material powder coated metal, RAL 9005
Volume Shipping Weight
Montage easy to assemble with the enclosed Allen key

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The Line Up Series

With the Line Up series, we have developed a very versatile tool over the past two years that can offer a wide variety of solutions in everyday work. Line Up can be a room divider, pin board, shelf, storage space and monitor stand, easily adapted and tailored to your needs. The flexible system complements our current products in ideation and huddle rooms, but is also a very good support in the classic office environment in order to achieve flexible zoning and transparent separation. Line Up is designed in such a way that it can be rebuilt and reconfigured at any time.