* Which VESA mounting?

200 x 200

The Standard version of our Front Row series is suitable for screens with a VESA size of 200x200.

over 200 x 200

Most larger devices have larger VESA dimensions. In order to remain as flexible as possible, we offer adapter plates that have various drill holes and can therefore accommodate almost all common VESA dimensions and thus devices.

How do I find out which VESA mounting I need?

If you do not know which version to choose, please refer to the data sheet of the device or to the manufacturer's page under technical data. Alternatively, look at the back of your monitor and look for the threaded holes. In most cases the stand of the device is attached to the VESA mount. Measure the horizontal and vertical distance between the screw holes (center to center).

Example: if the distance of the VESA holes is 200 millimeters in width and 200 millimeters in height, then this corresponds to a VESA dimension of 200 x 200 (VESA standard = horizontal distance in mm x vertical distance in mm).