Whiteboard Jack White on Tour

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Dimensions H x W x D 180 x 140 x 73 cm
Size Board H x W  102 x 140 cm
Features magnetic, on castors
Weight 32 kg
Wood: Oak, oiled
Board: Steel, powder-coated
Volume shipping weight 76 kg
easy assembly with enclosed hexagon wrench - Assembly instructions

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For quick and dry cleaning we recommend a microfibre cloth. This allows you to remove the residues of the whiteboard markers gently and without scratching, without leaving streaks or fibres on the board. Always allow the writing to dry and only then remove it, otherwise the pen will smudge. We recommend cleaning the board in the evening or at least once a week, depending on how intensively you use the product, with water or whiteboard cleaner. For thorough cleaning and to prevent paint deposits, use a damp microfibre cloth and clean the entire board. We have compiled further information on cleaning here .

Whiteboard Jack White on Tour

As flexible as you are

The Jack White on Tour whiteboard can be rolled into position to captivate audiences, attract attention, and keep the ideas flowing. Magnets, post-it notes, whiteboard marker pens - all are compatible with Jack White on Tour. Its perfect companion - the narrower Charter on Tour flip chart, which is made from the same wood and creates a perfectly matched whiteboard-flip chart duo.
Dimensions and construction

Product dimensions H x W x T
180 x 140 x 73 cm

102 x 140 cm

32 kg

Flipchart AND Whiteboard
In addition, Jack White on Tour can also be ordered with attachment pins for one or two flip chart pads.
The magnetic adhesive material of the flipchart makes it possible to fix all kinds of materials with magnets on the work surface. This way, Jack White on Tour can be used as a mood board at the same time. Nothing can stop your creativity!
Whiteboard Jack White on Tour
Rolle weiß
Agile and mobile
Our castors have a very low rolling resistance due to the soft polyurethane treads and can be used very well on carpets, parquet and stone floors. For optimal stability, the two front castors can be fixed with a simple wheel lock. The castors run noiselessly, are abrasion-resistant and do not leave any contact marks on the floor.
Eiche Blätter
Eiche Rinde
Material and environment
We use FSC certified solid ash and oak wood for our furniture. The high strength and stability of these woods increases the strength and thus reduces the susceptibility to surface damage. This enhances the durability of our flipcharts. The discreet colouring and even grain integrates into any room, whether modern or rustic.

The perfect duo

Charter on Tour and Jack White on Tour - a harmonic couple of a whiteboard and a flipchart.