roomours collection in pCon.planner

...and in pCon.catalog!

To make planning easier for retailers, our roomours products are now available with OFML data in pCon.planner and for architects in pCon.catalog.

pCon.planner is a free software solution for planning and visualizing interior spaces and designs. From floor plans to furnishings, it can be used to create spaces and view the results in 2D and 3D images.

pCon.planner integrates easy-to-use tools and functions for drawing and editing interior spaces. Within minutes, a room can be created with windows, doors, glass fronts, stairs and other elements in a virtually unlimited choice of colors and materials. With direct access to massive object libraries like the pCon.catalog, furniture and accessories can be selected and added to the space.

A free download of pCon.planner is available from along with details about the advanced pCon.planner PRO solution for retailers. The roomours OFML data can also be used in the at the point of sale. This interactive app can be used to share simple configurations, presentations, and all price/product information with customers. The app can be found under the search term "" in iOS, Windows and Android app stores.